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The Puzzle Piece


Country living at it's finest!

If you don’t like the sounds of the city and love fireflies, then country living is for you!
Here we have 15 acres with a 1 acre pond. We know there are fish in there but not exactly sure. We don't fish. Walking trails around the property that we have continually added different routes and cut ins to. We really love walking our trails. Great for go carting as well!
Lots of space to add horses if you want!


The house sits on about 5 cleared acres. Our backyard is about 2 acres fenced; partial cattle with the front side in wooden privacy.  There is a brick patio that we add to every year expanding it one summer at a time. There is a utility shed that is mostly the well house and where we put our Christmas Reindeer. That shed will need to be replaced in the next few years. 

The backyard is sloping and so pretty, kind of like having your own park with a few fruit trees (apple, pear, plum), pecan tree and a blueberry bush on the side of the house. Yes we do pick from all of them assuming the deer and birds don’t eat it first. That plum tree as it blossoms will have you taking pictures for days it’s so beautiful.

There is a large mimosa tree in the backyard. I have to honestly share with you we have buried 4 animals under that beautiful tree. Over the years we have lost many of our furbabies and a natural burial at home is what we chose.
So under that tree we have 3 cats : Tigger, Shadow & Skip and our first family dog Daisy. Man we loved her. She was the best dog ever.
It’s a beautiful setting for a pet cemetery but we understand if you that creeps you out and would rather not keep it this way. We buried them naturally so they will decompose and not be an issue. 

Wildlife is amazing out here! Deer sightings are a regular occurrence even as close as the garage door as they are picking off the persimmon tree in front yard. There are also wild turkey and plenty of rabbit to chase for your dogs. Don’t forget this is country so you also have snakes to catch too.

Speaking of the front yard, WOW! It’s a lot to mow but it really is pretty great, it’s so big we’ve held softball practices on it. Seriously!
The front of the house has mature azalea and rose bushes. Those were original to the house and have been maintained. They bloom so beautifully so I didn’t want to rip those out. I don’t know how old they are since they were there in 2009.
We added the front brick walk which leads to the front courtyard.


Pretty great courtyard with a koi pond. Mostly brick with a gate creates a nice sitting place and privacy. The front door opens into a foyer where turning left takes you to 3 bedrooms and turning right to the living rooms and kitchen.

When we purchased in 2009 the whole house was stuck in 1973 so these last 11 years we have been busy updating when we had time or funding.
The day we closed on the house we got the keys and got to work and made our first change. We needed 4 bedrooms since none of the kids wanted to share a room. So we added an interior wall in the second living space creating what we call the “library” and giving us an additional bedroom. Currently we use this space as an office. This wall will be easy to take down if you wanted to get back that original family room space.

There is a “formal dining” room however since our family has gotten smaller over the years, we no longer found a need for a formal dinning space. It is our den. This way when the husband and wife want to watch different shows (and we do) we have the separate spaces for that. The family room has a wonderful brick fireplace and opens to the backyard brick patio through a sliding glass door.

The kitchen has not been updated. We cook to survive not for entertainment purposes. Therefore we have not put too much into the kitchen. We have updated all of the appliances to chrome/black but the layout and cabinets are original with the sink in the center. To be honest it works just fine and I like the old and new mixed together. The only change I would make at this time would be the countertops. I do not like the 70’s yellow so this is on our update list. That and a new sink too.

The original specs of the house mention a half bath. You would not believe me when I tell you, that half bath was located in the kitchen! Honest to god! So not wanting to tempt anyone to poop 6 feet from where I prepare meals, we converted the half bath into a pantry. Trust me it’s a much more functional space now.

The 3 bedrooms are your basic 4 walls and windows noting too exciting. We are updating each bedroom one by one as time permits. One of the 3 is complete with new paint, carpet and ceiling fan.

Both bathrooms are original. The main bath in the hallway has been kind of updated with flooring, paint and sink. The bathtub is it’s original Golden Yellow. The master bathroom has been untouched with its avocado green toilet and shower. Bathroom remodels are at the bottom of our list. They are fully functional but since all we do is bathe and poop in them, these aren’t priority for us.

We love having a basement we can send the kids to. All parties have been down there as well as all of their sleepovers. They crank up the music and movies and we close the door.
The basement is huge! It is 100% underground and runs the length of the house. It is partially finished as we do have minor water issues. There is a living space with indoor out door carpet so it’s easy to clean, the center is bare concrete floors that we use as a gym and the back side is all storage. All the walls are painted concrete since they do leak water with heavy rains. We recently updated the original sump pump and added a second one so we have our fingers crossed this will solve the water leakages. Only time will tell.

The basement has only actually “flooded” twice since we’ve lived here: 2016 with Hurricane Matthew and 2018 with Hurricane Florence. With each of those basement floods we ended up with 10 inches of water wall to wall. We also learned to elevate everything and when the forecast is calling for a hurricane in the area we start to evacuate the basement furnishings. Other than those unfortunate incidences, it really has not been an issue. .

There are 2 frogs that live down there and have been for about 4 years now. You want them there as they control the basement bugs. In the spring we get those tiny little millepedes but the frogs gobble them all up. Those and the creepy alien like camel crickets. Those things creep me out. I’ve got the creeps just typing this out. The frogs do leave behind little poops but they pick up easy. Trust me, it’s much better to have frogs as opposed to these creepy bugs.

Look it is a 100% underground basement in NC. Having minor water and bug  issues is expected in this area. Thankfully it is easy to control and maintain with the proper tools: a new sump pump and frogs! 

The house is nearly a century old so it has settled over the years at a slope. It is a noticeable slope has you walk down the hallway but not so much you feel like you are in a fun house. You only notice it because the bathroom door is not level to the floor. We did consult an engineer about possibly correcting it and was told it is possible however it may cause more interior damage. We had enough to take care of already so we didn’t want to add to that. We were fine with the slope but you may not be. 

We purchased this house for its location and have really loved living "in the woods" for these last 11 years. This house is a work in progress. We purchased "as is" in 2009. While we have completed many items on our check list, there are still plenty of projects to go. I'm not gonna hype this house up and tell you it's perfect, because it's not.
It's been a project we have come to love and take pride in.


We were transplanted here with the Army so we have no family ties to NC. Our kids are grown now and have moved on. So with no other ties our hope is to sell the house and transition into RV living and travel this great nation like nomads.
Our disabled son is an adult and will be our responsibility for a very long time. We want to roam with him before we can no longer physically care for him.

We are not in a rush to sell. We will continue to do life every day, until the right person sees this house for all it has to offer and ok with taking on an imperfect home while enjoying the amenities the great outdoors has to offer.
Since we plan to move into the nomadic RV lifestyle most everything will stay on property including the lawn mowers, furniture, pool table, exercise equipment, most televisions, washer dryer, dining tables, China hutches and more. It's not all mansion type furniture but it's all good stuff many of it new replaced in 2020.

Therefore this is reflected in our asking price. 

Here are some details that we can recall to the best of our knowledge.

2009: Previous Owner replaced the septic tank/lines prior to our closing.
2014: Fenced in backyard
2018: New well pump/bladder
2019: New roof by 3 Bros Roofing of Carthage
2020: New Oven, & Range Hood GE black chrome
2020: New washer dryer, Samsung Black
2020: New flooring for most of upstairs
2020 to present: Updating paint in all rooms
2021: Updated 2 basement sump pumps
2021: Re-graveled driveway
2021: Updated front fencing 

FUTURE UPDATES: As time and money is available — In order of priority

* Replace kitchen countertops & sink
* Replace the deck in the courtyard
* Master Bedroom: Carpeting/Paint
* Bathrooms
* Basement: Refinish