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Consignor Agreement.

And if you like what you see you can actually PRINT, SIGN & INITIAL the agreement before your appointment.

(Don't forget to bring it with you) 

2.   MAX 1 box or bag or tote per drop off
*  Please NO plastic totes, unless you do not want them back 
*  Call ahead for larger items so we can make room on the floor
*  Only Smaller pieces of furniture. RULE OF THUMB: If it requires 2 people to carry it, that is a No-No. Sorry
* WIPE clean Everything:  Mirrors, Shoes (soles as well), Toys, Tools, Etc.
* BATTERIES:    Please be sure all toys, watches and other gadgets have working batteries.  
Additional Fees:$.25 per "AAA" & "AA" battery - $1.00 per "C" & "D" battery

10% extra cleaning fee applied to each item requiring more than a light dusting

3.   Make sure all boxes/bags are CLOSED 
Closing/securing the tops of your containers ensures there is no confusion if something falls out or a customer picks through your box before it has been inventoried.
Write/attach your name or acct # on the outside of all boxes/bags/totes






Consigning is

 As Easy As...  

The Puzzle piece   

consignment store & moore

Our Consignment Process

1.  Make an appointment 
Call 910-688-7119 or 
CLICK HERE to schedule your appointment
Available times are Monday - Saturday, 1030am - 430pm

What Do you Take on Consignment?
We take almost everything except furniture! Really! 
The Puzzle Piece carries everything you need for yourself, your family and your home- inside & out, for him and for her! Select your in-season items, shoes and other household goods and prepare them in accordance to our procedures explained below.