What Do you Take on Consignment?
We take almost everything! Really!  

Except for these specific items
The Puzzle Piece carries everything you need for yourself, your family and your home- inside & out, for him and for her! Select your in-season items, shoes and other household goods and prepare them in accordance to our procedures explained below. 

Q: What if I don't have a tote?
A: That's ok too. Bring your items in your current packaging and you can transfer those items into one of our totes.  

Anything that does not fit can come back the next week. 

Q: What if I I work all week and can't walk in?
A: Then you can make an appointment Friday or Saturday. 
Make your appointment here

PLEASE LIMIT your Over Size Items to 3 Items Per Weekly Drop Off

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We take care of all the pricing, tagging, staging, selling and marketing

Drop offs are closed the following dates: 
(last week of every month)
August 23rd - 29th
September 27th - Oct 3rd
October 25th - 31st
​November 22nd -28th
-------- December -------- 
Christmas Decor only for the month of December until the 12th

Closed for Christmas 24th - 26th​

​NO DROP OFFS until the New Year

Drop off Once a Week

WALK IN : Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

On a piece of paper write your name and number 

Our standard size tote is a 14 gallons (58 qt)
If your tote is larger or smaller, you can transfer your items into our tote.

Any items that do not fit can be brought back the following week. 
If your tote is the same size, we will give you an empty tote in return. 

In an effort to maintain a manageable balance between drop offs and processing and storage, we will not accept drop offs the last week of every month to help keep everything flowing for everyone. 

Due to the increased excitement and chaos the holidays bring,

we will not be establishing New Consignor accounts until the New Year 

 For Clothing Items Pick Your BEST 20 Items
We are currently accepting fall & winter clothing & accessories as well as Christmas decor.
These seasonal styles include pants (no dress or business), leggings, fashion boots, long sleeve shirts, jackets & hoodies too as well as complete PJ's.

In order to ensure all clothing is processed for everyone in a timely manner we are asking everyone to look over your items and pull out all stained or damaged pieces.
Only Bring us your best 20 pieces inside your tote once a week. 

Q: Why just 20 pieces of clothing?

A:  Having all consignors bring in the same amount of clothing ensures everyone gets equal space and time on the racks. Plus it helps us to be able to process your tote in a timely manner without being bogged down in a tote full of clothing. 

Q: Do I have to bring just clothing in my tote or can I bring other items too?
A:  Yes you can bring other items in your tote, just keep clothing to 20 items per drop off

Thanksgiving Hours:   Tuesday 9am - 5pm  & Wednesday 9am - 2pm      *CLOSED Thursday - Saturday*

Want to earn 50% Commission?


​​Tue - Fri: 9am - 5pm   Saturday: 9am - 4pm  

Closed: Sun/Mon

The Puzzle Piece


Prepare Your Items              
Only Smaller pieces of furniture. RULE OF THUMB: If it requires 2 people to carry it, we can't. 
WIPE clean Everything:  Mirrors, Shoes (soles as well), Toys, Tools, Etc.

Make certain ALL consigned items are clean & ready for display.

All soft items: clothing, pillows and bedding must be freshly laundered, free of stains, cigarette smoke and pet hair. 

Breakables should be protected and capable of being stacked and stored.

We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet these requirements.

BATTERIES: Please be sure all toys, watches and other gadgets have working batteries.  
Additional Fees:$.25 per "AAA" & "AA" battery - $1.00 per "C" & "D" battery  ​

10% extra cleaning fee applied to each item requiring more than a light dusting​​

Moving soon and need to unload before the movers come?

Learn about our Mover's Program here