Thanksgiving Hours:   Tuesday 9am - 5pm  & Wednesday 9am - 2pm      *CLOSED Thursday - Saturday*

PLEASE LIMIT your Over Size Loose Items to 3 Items Per Tote Drop Off

​​Tue - Fri: 9am - 5pm   Saturday: 9am - 4pm  

Closed: Sun/Mon

In an effort to maintain a manageable balance between drop offs and processing and storage,
we will close off drop offs the last week of every month to help keep everything flowing for everyone. 


The Puzzle Piece


Drop offs are closed the following dates: 
(last week of every month)
August 23rd - 29th
September 27th - Oct 3rd
October 25th - 31st
​November 22nd -28th
-------- December -------- 
Christmas Decor only for the month of December until the 12th

Closed for Christmas 24th - 26th

Pandora, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Spotify and More!

Boy! This Pandemic really has changed so many things that we do daily. From wearing a mask to sanitizing ourselves and our surfaces 100 times a day!
As a small business we have had to make many changes to our practices. As you are already doing with our new process, the same changes have been to our shoppers buying behaviors. And so we must make a few changes to that as well.

In these current events of COVID-19 and the accessibility of Digital Technology we have seen a dramatic difference in the demand of products from our customers. While the demand of items such as clothing, games and puzzles have increased, the demand for other items have dramatically decreased.

 Effective in your NEXT DROP OFF we will no longer accept categories listed below in order to provide additional space for higher demand items. 

 $1.00 items
The Dollar tree has moved next door! And we just can not compete. Any item priced at $1.00 or below will be donated.


We are no longer accepting USED Costume Jewelry on consignment. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the sale of used jewelry since January.

New costume jewelry on their original cards will still be accepted.

If you have Stamped 10k (+) Gold or 925 Sterling Silver, we are accepting these items on consignment.

GOOD NEWS! Gold and silver jewelry will now be consigned at a higher percentage of 50% commission. 

The digital age has changed how we read and access print content. Due to the accessibility of digital platforms we have found the demand of books have decreased dramatically, except for children’s books.
Since children story books continue to be in high demand, we will continue to carry this hot seller!
All other books including fiction, non-fiction, audio, instructional, cookbooks, self-help & Inspirational will be donated. 

With Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney + and other streaming formats such as Pandora these items are no longer in high demand. 

Times change and living in our current situation, our customers have adapted to this new normal.

Much like transitioning from 8 track to cd’s it’s now time to allow the move toward the digital age and make way for more of the items our customers are shopping for.