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The Puzzle Piece

What Happens to My Items If…?
Any Item we can not process due to damage, out of season or out of style are automatically donated. Items that we do process, remain on the floor up to 45 days based on space availability.  Inventory remaining on the floor after 45 days is discounted 50% off until sold or donated.

Every consignor will have online access to monitor your account. This service is provided to you Free of Charge. Keep watch on those EXPIRATION dates so you know when to pick up your unsold items. ​ Come in at your convenience prior to 45 days to ensure your items are not pulled for donation.  

All donated items are identified on your account as “DONATED”  and sent to The Whispering Pines Thrift Shop.

At the end of the year we send you the Whispering Pines Thrift Shop donation receipt.

Questions about your Tote?

What size tote can I bring in?
Your tote or bin can be no more than 14 gallons (56 qt size) must have a lid
Do I get my tote back?
Not your exact tote. Since everyone will be bringing them in, we will hand you a clean sanitized empty tote when you drop off your tote.
What if my tote doesn't have a lid?
Please be sure you have a tote with a lid. We can not accept your tote without a lid.
What if my storage bin is larger than 14 gallons?
Due to storage limitations, we can not accept a bin larger than 14 gallons.
Are you still taking small grocery bags?
Yes, you can still drop off (1) small plastic grocery bag once a week. 
Can I bring in a small bag with my tote? 
No. Its one or the other, once a week

Frequently Asked Questions...

How Long Does it Take to Process My Items? 
Allow 6 weeks for your items to be processed.

What do I do with the stained, broken and damaged items?
Please take them to your local recycling center.

Do I need to make an appointment?
No. You may walk in your tote once a week (Tues , Wed or Thur 9am - 3pm) 
without an appointment. 

What if I I work all week and can't walk in?
Then you can make an appointment Friday or Saturday
What if I have over sized items?
 Any item like lamps, large toys or small tables and pictures and mirrors can be brought in anytime, just like before.  Be sure your name and account number is on each over sized loose item.

How Do You Price My Items?
All non clothing items such as; shoes, purses, toys and tools are priced based on it's current resale market value. We spend a good amount of time researching online sites to find the best resale price for your items. ​
For clothing we use a flat rate pricing model. This makes it easier for us to tag it all in an efficient amount of time 

Clothing Prices are as follows:
Infant - 24m starts at $1.99 each
Children 2t-16/18 start at $3.99 each
Adults: Men/Women start at $4.99 each
Girls Dresses: Start at 4.99 each - Ladies Dresses start at $8.99 each
We do make an exception for more popular brands such as:
Adidas, Nike, Lilly Pulitzer, The North Face, Justice, Under Armor, Michael Kors, and Columbia to name a few.