How Much Can I Bring in at Once?
Each consignor is able to bring in 1 bag, box or small tote per appointment. 


We are human and can only process so many items in 1 day. So in order to keep from falling more than 1 week behind in processing we limit each consignor to 1 bag or box. We understand you may have more than 1 box so you can make 1 appointment on consecutive days as many days ahead as you need. You may also walk in 1 small Foodlion/Walmart type grocery bag everyday of this helps. 

How Do You Price My Items?
Of all the items we carry, the most consigned item is clothing. Because of this we do not price clothing based on brand names, we use a flat rate pricing model instead. This makes it easier for us to tag it all in an efficient amount of time and easier for the customer shopping too. 
Clothing Prices are as follows:
Infant - 24m starts at $1.99 each
Children 2t-16/18 start at $3.99 each
Adults: Men/Women start at $4.99 each
Dresses start at $6.99 each

If items are new with tags prices go up a bit
We do make an exception for more popular brands such as:
Adidas, Nike, Lilly Pulitzer, The North Face, Justice, Under Armor, Michael Kors, and Columbia to name a few.

All non clothing items such as; shoes, purses, toys and tools are priced based on it's current resale market value.
We spend a good amount of time researching online sites to find the best resale price for your items. ​

How Long Does it Take to Process My Items? 
Allow 1 week for your items to be processed.
Jewelry in large lots run 2 months behind everything else.  Our jewelry display is a much smaller section so in order to allow all consignors an equal amount of time,there is currently a "waiting line" for your jewelry items.  We store those for you until room becomes available for new pieces.

Make certain ALL consigned items are clean & ready for display.
Taking time to wipe everything down prior to bringing it, ensures a quicker turn around time plus clean items just sell better faster.

What Happens to My Items After 30 Days?

AFTER 30 days  ANY ITEM on the floor can be removed based on space availability.

Otherwise after 30 days on the floor all items are marked down according to our automatic markdown schedule:

After 30 Days: 25% off

After 45 days: 50% off

What Happens to My Items If They Don't Sell?
Because customers love to see FRESH NEW items often, we rotate items frequently.
ALL CLOTHING items are rotated after 30 days.
Anything else will be on the floor between 31 days and 90 days. This time frame is unpredictable and driven by the incoming inventory. 
When your unsold items are rotated you can either pick those items up or they are donated. 

We understand that you may not want your items to be donated, so you are more than welcome to pick your items up. 
Please understand that with over 1800 consignors and well over 20,000 items at anytime, we are not able to notify you about any item you have available for donation. Every consignor will have online access to their account activity so we invite you to pick up your unsold items at your convenience. ​Come in before the 30 days are up to ensure they are not pulled for donation.  

After 30 days any item is eligible for donation based on the need for space.
This need varies from department to department.
All donated items are identified on your account and donated to The Whispering Pines Thrift Shop.
One of the many misconceptions about resale stores is that "they take the deduction on MY donated items"
While there may be shops that do this, the good ones do not. 

Your unsold items are donated on behalf of you. 
They are your items when you bring them in.

They are your items while on the floor.
They are your items when sent for donation. 
At the end of the year we send you the Whispering Pines Thrift Shop donation rece

Be sure items come in working condition with batteries. 
Additional Fees: 
$.25 per "AAA" & "AA" battery - $1.00 per "C" & "D" battery
10% extra cleaning fee applied to each item requiring more than a light dusting

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