Clothing items will not be accepted for out of area movers

Only Smaller pieces of furniture. RULE OF THUMB: If it requires 2 people to carry it, we can't. 
WIPE clean Everything:  Mirrors, Shoes (soles as well), Toys, Tools, Etc.

Make certain ALL consigned items are clean & ready for display.

ALL SOFT ITEMS: Pillows, bedding, curtains, etc must be freshly laundered, free of stains, cigarette smoke and pet hair. 

Breakables should be protected and capable of being stacked and stored.

We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet these requirements.

BATTERIES: Please be sure all toys, watches and other gadgets have working batteries.  
Additional Fees:$.25 per "AAA" & "AA" battery - $1.00 per "C" & "D" battery  ​

10% extra cleaning fee applied to each item requiring more than a light dusting

PAYMENT:  We do not mail checks. We are more than happy to Paypal your money anytime you request it.

If you currently do not have a Paypal account to receive money, please establish an account before you drop off. 

We can accept your items in closed Boxes no larger 24" x 24" x 24"

You may drop off 3 boxes per week until you leave. 

The Puzzle Piece



Tue - Fri     9am - 5pm

Saturday   9am - 4pm

Closed: Sun/Mon​​

Are you relocating outside of Moore County?

We can accommodate you!

If you are currently an active consignor having dropped off inventory within the last 6 months we will make accommodations for you. 

This service is only offered to active consignors who are moving out of the area, no inactive consignors or new consignment accounts will be established.

Local Movers please continue to drop off with your weekly tote.

All items must be prepared in accordance with our current consignment process.

Complete the form below so we can schedule your moving boxes accordingly