We Sell Fine Jewelry,  Designer Purses, Clothing, Shoes & Accs too!

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We are able to accept seasonal clothing

 according to our schedule below. 

Spring & Summer Clothing & Accessories 

January 2nd - Jun 26th

(NO-Cold Weather Clothing Mentioned Below)

Easter Dresses, Capri Pants, Shorts, Tank/Sleeveless Tops, Flip Flops, Sandals, All Swim and Beach Wear


No more Strollers until February 1st

​Fall & Winter Clothing & Accessories 
August 1st - November 30th
(NO-Warm weather clothing mentioned above)

Snow Pants, Boots,  Snow Boots, Ski Gear, Winter Hats, Thick Coats, Winter Scarves​


  *Jeans, Leggings & Athletic Pants are accepted all year

  * Long Sleeve shirts that are seasonally appropriate are  accepted all year. 

Scheduling an appointment with The Puzzle Piece assumes you have read and agree to the above consigment process

Please click this link to schedule your 1st drop off

Get a JUMP START on your intake process by reviewing, printing and completing our Consignor Agreement here

Over Size Items are limited to

3  Per Drop Off

Oversize items are items too big for your tote:

​Lamp, picture, large pillow, bike, etc


As fast as we do process, we continue to receive more totes in a day than we can physically process. As you could image, this creates a backlog of totes. In an effort to maintain a manageable balance between drop offs and processing and storage, we take a drop off break the last week of every month.

We do not accept consignment totes during these following dates:

 The last full week of every month ( see dates below)

All of July (employee vacations)

ALL of December (first 2 weeks decor only, then no drop offs until the new year)

What Do you Take on Consignment?
We take almost everything! Really!  

Except for these specific items
The Puzzle Piece carries everything you need for yourself, your family and your home- inside & out, for him and for her! Select your in-season items, shoes and other household goods and prepare them in accordance to our procedures explained below. 

​Holiday Clothing & Decor

You may include all Holiday decor in your regular drop off tote​​​ ALL YEAR LONG. ​​

The Puzzle Piece


We take care of all the pricing, tagging, staging, selling and marketing

New Consignors by Appointment

Due to the overwhelming response for new account sign ups, we are currently booked through August. If you would like to be added to our cancellation call list please complete this form.


9am - 4pm ​

Tuesday - Saturday

Closed: Sun/Mon​​

New Consignors by Appointment

We are no longer accepting summer clothing and accs. Fall clothing and accs will begin August.

If you would like to be added to our cancellation call list please complete this form.

For Clothing Pick Your BEST 20 In Season Items
 Clothing items must be in NEW or LIKE NEW Condition less than 3 years old and free of picking, fading, pet hair,  odors, staining or excessive wrinkles. In order to ensure all clothing is processed for everyone in a timely manner we are asking everyone to look over your items and pull out all stained or damaged items. Only Bring us your best 20 clothing pieces inside your tote once a week. 

Q: Why just 20 pieces of clothing?

A:  Having all consignors bring in the same amount of clothing ensures everyone is provided equal space and time on the racks. Plus it helps us to be able to process your tote in a timely manner without being bogged down in a tote full of clothing. 

Q: What about infant clothing? It's so small and doesn't take up much space
A:  Yes, infant clothing as well. As small as infant clothing is, these small items take more time to process due to all the snaps, buttons, zippers and variety of styles. 

Q: Do I have to bring just clothing in my tote or can I bring other items too?
A:  Yes you can bring other items in your tote, just keep clothing to 20 pieces per drop off

No Consignment Drop offs the following 2021 dates: 
(last week of every month)
January 25th - 30th

February 22nd - 27th

March 22nd - 27th

April 26th -1st

May 24th - 29th

June 28th - 3rd of July

ALL OF JULY (summer vacations)

August 23rd - 29th
September 27th - Oct 3rd
October 25th - 30th
​November 22nd -27th
-------- December -------- 
 Only Christmas Decor for the first 2 weeks

THEN ​NO FURTHER DROP OFFS until Jan 4th 2022

Prepare Your Items              
Only Smaller pieces of furniture. RULE OF THUMB: If it requires 2 people to carry it, we can't. 
WIPE clean Everything:  Mirrors, Shoes (soles as well), Toys, Tools, Etc.

Make certain ALL consigned items are clean & ready for display.
BE SURE TO CHECK OUR LIST for specific Items we no longer sell.

All soft items: clothing, pillows and bedding must be freshly laundered, free of stains, cigarette smoke and pet hair. 

Breakables should be protected and capable of being stacked and stored.

We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet these requirements.

BATTERIES: Please be sure all toys, watches and other gadgets have working batteries.  
Additional Fees:$.25 per "AAA" & "AA" battery - $1.00 per "C" & "D" battery  ​

10% extra cleaning fee applied to each item requiring more than a light dusting​​