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To Take or Not to Take?                                                

Through the years we have learned which items sell better than others and which ones do not sell at all. We have compiled that list here for you to help you pack or boxes more efficiently

Aside from the obvious damaged items, below is a list of items we no longer take in on consignment due to lack of customer need. 

Formal Wear: Prom Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Ball Gowns

USED Potty Seats / Shower Seats

VHS Tapes & VHS Players

Cassette Tapes & Cassette Players

Boy's & Men's Neck Ties (Bow Ties OK)

Glasswear that can picked up at the Dollar Tree

Car Seats (ALL: Booster, Infant, Toddler)

Undergarments Without Tags (Undies, Bras)

Lingerie  or Teddies

Turtle neck shirts: Mens,Women & Children

Men's & Ladies Dress Suits (Boys Suits OK)

Men's & Ladies Dress/Work Pants

Wool Clothing Except coats

Clothing with individual/personal names or of local athletic teams or churches - Not counting unpersonalized Local School Wear

Traditional China or any dinnerware with gold or silver trim

Crystal of any kind

Silver or Silver plated items of any kind

Clip on Earrings

ANY child (table) booster/high chair without it's safety lap strap

ANY toy without it's battery cover



Used Make-Up

Breast Pumps

Used Infant Teethers

​Baby Cribs

Printers - Fax Machines - Large Old Box Monitors &  Box TVs

Duvet Covers

Pictures and Picture Frames are dependent on styles

(No personally painted/art class paintings)