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The Puzzle piece   

consignment store & moore

The Puzzle Piece is blessed to have some of the hardest working team members in Moore County. The Puzzle Piece crew also includes 5 other locally grown Moore County residents.


The Puzzle Piece started because of a dream. I know that sounds cliche and everyone says that but mine was an actual middle of the night dream that planted the idea in my head.

The Puzzle Piece is located inside a traditional 3 bed 2 bath ranch style home. This is the house we purchased when the Army moved us to Ft Bragg 15 years ago.

With only a few years in our new home we were approached by a developer who wanted to purchase our property and others around us including the gas station as they had big plans for a big shopping center in Whispering Pines.

The Village was on board for the project however they were not prepared to handle this massive new development. In order to proceed, The Village needed to update their ordinances in order to accommodate the development. Those changes took a little longer than the developer expected.
Finally after 2 years in contract with the developer, all property owners were informed it was time to move forward with our closings. Excitedly everyone started the relocation process; the Whispering Pines Thrift Shop moved, the gas station started selling off their goods and we put a contract and good faith payment down on a new home.

Half way through the closing on our new home, the developer allowed all of our contracts to expire rather than actually close. We were all stuck in the middle of incomplete transactions. During the 2 years of waiting for The Village to approve the plans the economy turned and the development was going to cost almost twice as much so they abandoned the larger project and developed a smaller shopping center what you currently see as The Food lion Shopping Center.

As the only homeowner family affected we had to decided what to do. Do we stop the purchase of our new home and move back in or go forward and move out?


We decided to carry on with the purchase of our new home in Carthage. This new home had a basement we plan to turn into an apartment for our special needs son. We prepped the 3 bed ranch house to put on the market to sell or rent, whichever came first. Neither one happened.
One Sunday in 2009 (5 months after) we went back to finish the yard work at the rental to discover the house was flooded. Some tiny little spring inside the bathroom faucet busted and blew the knob off spewing water from the sink for 24 hours. All the floors were water damaged, walls were soaked and we were forced to take the house off the market. What a mess were were stuck in.

Just a few months after the water disaster Brian was sent on his final deployment to Afghanistan and it was then the dream came to me. I could clearly see the rancher was a resale store. Scott was our greeter saying Hi to everyone walking through the doors, our girls were at the register or hanging clothes. Then I woke up and started planning.

I learned that before the developer dropped the ball on our closing they did completed the rezoning on the property to commercial shopping. This paved the way for us to run with the resale store dream. As soon as Brian returned from his deployment in April 2011, we pressed on, did all the footwork and paperwork, had a public town meeting in November with ZERO push back and opened our doors that same December. We’ve been going and growing strong now into our 8th year!

My name is Chris and my husband's name is Brian. We have 3 very cool kids. We are both Army Veterans with a combined 35 years of service to our country and community. Both of us come from a very long line of military service dating back to the Spanish American War. Our oldest daughter is continuing to carry that service as a Sergeant in the Virginia National Guard. While the Army brought us to Moore County 15 years ago, it's the community that keeps us here to raise our family and set deep roots for our future.