​Glass wear that can picked up at Dollar Tree

Plain Glass Wine Glasses

Traditional China
Dinnerware with Gold or Silver Trim
Crystal of Any Kind
Silver Servers or Silver Plated Items
Juicing Machines
Punch Bowls
Fondue Pots

Wine Racks 

For Ladies Pants  we accept denim & leggings ONLY - no colored pants  or dress pants

Wedding or Formal Dresses
Men's, Boys & Ladies Suits

Mens Sport or Dress Jackets
Lingerie or Teddies Without Tags
Undergarments Without Tags (Undies, Bras)

Boy's & Men's Neck Ties (Bow Ties OK)
Turtle Neck Shirts: Men, Women & Children
Wool Clothing Except Coats
Fashion Scarfs (winter/snow scarf ok)

Incomplete Pajama Sets
Clothing with individual/personal names or of local athletic teams or churches

Breast Pumps
Used Infant Teethers
ANY toy without it's battery cover
ANY child (table) booster/high chair without it's safety lap strap
Car Seats (ALL: Booster, Infant, Toddler)
USED Potty Seats
Baby Cribs

To Take or Not to Take? 

Through the years we have learned which items sell better than others and which ones do not sell at all.
We have compiled that list here for you to help you pack or boxes more efficiently. 

Aside from the obvious damaged items, below is a list of items we no longer take in on consignment due to lack of customer demand.

Some of these items are fads (like juicers) and me be popular again in the future.

We reserve the right to change & update this list at any time

USED Shower Seats
Clip on Earrings & Lapel Pins
Used Make-Up
Duvet Covers
Lone Bed Skirts without it's Matching Bedding
Pictures and Picture Frames are dependent on styles

Large Heavy Framed Art
No personally painted/art class paintings

Printers, Box Monitors, Box TVs
VHS Tapes & VHS Players
Cassette Tapes & Cassette Players
Fax Machines
Old Apple iPod Docking Stations
Web/Computer Cameras 

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Changing Tables

Sofas, Love Seats, Large Chairs

Dining Room Tables


we leave these items out in the front lawn

The Puzzle Piece