Consignment Process

Be sure to check our list of items we are not accepting

NEW and INACTIVE Accounts will be set up after the first of the year by appointment.

Please stop back here for updates in 2022.


 Current Account Holders

You May Drop off Once a Week

WALK IN : Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
With the exception of our catch up dates posted below

Bring your items as they are: a box, bag, laundry basket or tote.

Once you arrive leave your items in your car and come inside for an empty tote.

Then fill in your car. 

Any items that do not fit can be brought back the following week. 

If your tote is 14 gallons/58 qt (the same size as ours) then bring your tote inside and we will give you an empty tote in return. 

Be sure you have your name and account number written on a piece of paper for your drop off. 

You may also bring 3 over sized items, items that are too large for your tote, once a week with your normal drop off. 


Please bring in your Christmas decor now as we are not accepting items in December.


 After 1 year  of Inactivity (no drop offs for a whole year) any remaining balance is automatically converted in to store credit for use at anytime. After 2 Years of Inactivity remaining credit is transferred to our EMERGENCY FUND account