FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions


What is the last day you are accepting consignment totes?

 January 20th is the very last day for consignment totes

Where do I take my items after January 20th?

There are a few consignment shops in the area and many outside our area. However we would be honored if you continued to bring us your items on donation in support of the charitable accounts we are supporting. LEARN MORE HERE


I have a Puzzle Piece labeled tote. What do I do with it? 

You can keep it and use it for personal use. A Mr Clean eraser will take the PP marker right off. You can also use it to drop off your donated items. If you bring in the PP tote with donations, we will do a tote swap just like before.


What happens to all items in my account?

Your items will remain active on the floor for 45 Days or until March 26th whichever comes first. 

April 1st all remaining inventory will be converted to The Puzzle Piece in support of our mission supporting intellectually disabled adults. 


What happens with the money in my account?

Nothing. You can cash it out or spend it just like before. 


If you have not stepped foot in the shop in 365 days your account balance will be converted into store credit. Please stop in and cash out or shop your balances before then.

If your account converts to credit you may continue to shop on it. 

If you have not stepped foot in the shop in 2 years, credit is converted into our General Fund account to provide support for intellectually disable adults in Moore County.