Selling Great Stuff in Support of Moore County Special Needs Adults!


Donations are accepted

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

After Hours donations may be left on our porch


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The Puzzle Piece Secondhand Swag Boutique is a for profit Veteran Owned Family Operated Small Business. 

The profits from the sale of ALL ITEMS WE SELL, whether self sourced or donated support our mission to provide employment opportunities to our special needs community. As parents of a special needs adult, we understand the importance of creating a working environment where an adult with a cognitive impairment can be accepted without judgement, learn at their own pace, and be allowed to make mistakes without devastating results or issues. 

When you donate your SECONDHAND SWAG to The Puzzle Piece you are directly supporting your special needs community and we appreciate your support!

We currenty employ 1 special needs adult who is learning to tag, sort, organize and work with customers. We are excited to have him on our team!


Khamron graduated from Union Pines High School with a strong interest in continuing to learn.

He is interested in working with automotives because he loves cars, he has always enjoyed animals and has grown up with a few pets of his own.
He watches Anime and loves video games.
So far Khamron has learned sorting and hanging clothing, picking up and organizing, helping customers bring in donations as well as checking out customers.
I'm not sure what his favorite task to do is but he is rocking all of them!
When you shop and or donate at The Puzzle Piece you are making a difference! Sales of all items we offer support every aspect of our shop from the electric bill, employee pay, donating goods and gift cards to the community and hiring special needs adults.
Thank you to our community for your support of our mission!


Donations are accepted

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

After Hours donations may be left on our porch

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Small Furniture ~ Clothing 2t to Adults all seasons ~ All Shoes ~ Tools ~ Toys ~ Kitchen Wares ~ Home Decor ~ Pet Supplies ~ Holiday decor and so much more!




Baby/Infant stuff like clothing, equipment and cribs.

Mattresses and bed frames

Large Furniture such as entertainment centers, couches or dining room tables & chairs.

Large appliances: dishwashers, washing machines.

Old Electronics: box tv's & monitors, VCRS, old projectors.

We are very appreciative of all donations. 

Please take damaged goods to the recycling center and bring us the rest in support of your special needs community. While we appreciate your donation we are not able to sell or giveaway stained clothing, broken toys and such.

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It’s the sustainable way to give back.

We look forward to working with you.

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When you donate your gently used clothing and household goods to The Puzzle Piece you are helping us provide support to your special needs community.

Being the parents of an adult special needs child, we recognize the needs in our community for this underserved population. Read our story here.

Our number 1 mission is to be able to provide employment opportunities in a safe, understanding and accepting environment. 

By selling your preloved items we are able to directly impact the lives of special needs adults whether through employment, personal support of actual goods or other needs. 

Please consider bringing your gently used clothing, shoes and household items to The Puzzle Piece to help us support our mission.